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A gentle introduction to stocks market trading, Python programming, analytics, and data visualisation.
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What is PythonInvest?

"Every Day, We Decode Financial Markets and Automate with Code."

Weekly Analytical Review

We regularly post fresh market insights and trends by updating the fundamental research Colabs and covering the most liquid stocks.

Fundamental Algorithms

We post long-reads about the various aspects of financial analysis, trading and portfolio management.


We publish all the materials on PythonInvest, supporting them with code snippets and code on Github. We develop easy-to-apply Youtube screencasts, and run an instructor-led course.


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Who might be interested in joining

You like puzzles and want to practice your skills in a new area by trying new modelling and visualisation approaches.
You work professionally as a Software Engineer and want to get more exposure to the financial markets and analytics.
You already make investments in the financial markets and want to get an alternative 'analytical' view on what's going on.



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You want to develop your programming and analytical skills in Python, build your own portfolio and launch a great project.

Financial News Feed

ML-generated weekly summary of 5000 financial news using OpenAI's ChatGPT summarisation.

    Analytical Blog articles

    Explore the recent research algorithms, including interactive charts and code on the Github

      About The Author

      & a small personal story...
      I didn't plan to be involved in trading, as I was taught that markets are generally efficient, and there is a small chance a rookie investor can earn money before other experienced traders or algorithmic robots will take away all the margins. I was concentrated on my core job.

      Everything started to change with the July-2019 Revolut announcement for a commission-free stock trading which essentially lowered the barriers to start trading to zero.
      2019 ended by a large historical gain of more than 28%, then COVID started in 2020 with the 30% downturn just in 3 months (WIKI: 2020_stock_market_crash). I didn't believe that any fundamental growth factors were broken, so I decided to chase this investment opportunity.
      I realised that if I could get more than 3% annual return (which was my current mortgage rate). I could increase my total wealth just by selecting a conservative investment strategy and should never make another early mortgage repayment.

      I'd spent last 10 years doing the business analysis and market research job, so I wanted to apply my strengths and basic financial markets understanding to check all the hypotheses and ideas I found in the press.

      I started to spend the considerable part of my free cash flow on stock market investments, which increased my learning pace and gave me satisfaction of doing something for myself.

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