Week 25-31 July 2023

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Start date for the articles: 2023-07-25; End date for the articles: ' '2023-07-31'
- Meta Platforms (META) reported better-than-expected Q2 financial results, leading to a surge in its stock. Analysts have raised price targets for Meta, highlighting the positive impact of AI initiatives on the company's growth.
- Microsoft (MSFT) beat expectations with its Q4 financial results, but concerns about slowing growth in certain areas have caused some investor worry. The company is focusing on revenue growth through demand for AI solutions.
- Tesla (TSLA) is generating excitement with the upcoming launch of its Cybertruck, with 1.9 million pre-orders expected. CEO Elon Musk's recent rebranding of Twitter has received criticism.
- Alphabet (GOOG), the parent company of Google, reported strong Q2 results, beating analyst estimates.
- Intel (INTC) reported declining sales in another quarter, with its data center business continuing to struggle. Mixed reactions from analysts regarding the results.
- Verizon (VZ) has high profit margins compared to other US telecom companies, despite difficulties in adding new subscribers. Analysts have rated the stock positively.
- The market trend remains in the "Extreme Greed" zone, with the Dow recording its third week of gains. The SEC reportedly wanted Coinbase to delist everything except Bitcoin.
- The US economy shows a mixed outlook, with consumer sentiment hitting a 22-month high but banks tightening lending standards. Inflation has eased, and consumer spending has shown confidence.
- AT&T (T) stock is showing signs of improvement, with impressive subscriber growth and solid Q2 results. Concerns remain about a looming liability.
- Roku (ROKU) exceeded estimates with its latest quarterly results, leading to a positive outlook and raised price targets from analysts. Concerns about ongoing Hollywood strikes.
NEWS SUMMARY for ('META', 23), which changed on -2.11% last trading day:
Meta Platforms, the parent company of Facebook, reported better-than-expected second-quarter financial results, with revenue of $32 billion, up 11% year-over-year. The strong earnings report led to a surge in the company's stock. Analysts have raised their price targets for Meta and highlighted the positive impact of artificial intelligence initiatives on the company's growth, particularly in areas such as ad tools and engagement. The market is sending a "sobering signal" to Meta, according to CEO Mark Zuckerberg, but he is not changing course. Meta could become the second company to reach a $1 trillion valuation this year.

NEWS SUMMARY for ('MSFT', 13), which changed on -0.72% last trading day:
Microsoft's stock has been impacted by the rise and effectiveness of artificial intelligence (AI), with analysts predicting future growth due to AI expansion. The company's fourth-quarter financial results beat expectations, with solid revenue and earnings-per-share figures. However, concerns about slowing growth in certain areas have caused some investors to worry. Microsoft is focused on driving revenue growth through demand for AI solutions and is expanding its offerings with the addition of over 1,300 classic games to its Xbox platform through a partnership with Antstream Arcade.

NEWS SUMMARY for ('TSLA', 16), which changed on 0.37% last trading day:
Tesla's upcoming Cybertruck launch is generating excitement, with 1.9 million pre-orders expected. Analyst Gary Black believes the Cybertruck will serve as a "rolling billboard," attracting more orders for other Tesla models. However, CEO Elon Musk's recent rebranding of Twitter has received criticism, with concerns over potentially warding off advertisers. Tesla's most recent earnings report was mixed, and while the company is expected to see strong growth in deliveries next year, the growth rate may be lower than anticipated. Despite concerns, some investors believe there are positive aspects that the bears are overlooking.

NEWS SUMMARY for ('GOOG', 21), which changed on 0.08% last trading day:
Alphabet, the parent company of Google, reported strong Q2 financial results, with revenues of $74.6 billion, beating analyst estimates of $65.4 billion. Google Cloud and YouTube were highlighted as star performers. The company's stock rallied and several analysts raised their price targets for Alphabet. However, amid ongoing regulatory scrutiny, investors were advised to be cautious and consider trimming their positions if the stock surges further.

NEWS SUMMARY for ('INTC', 13), which changed on -2.88% last trading day:
Intel Corporation (INTC) reported declining sales in another quarter, with its data center business continuing to struggle. However, analysts had mixed reactions to Intel's second-quarter results, with one analyst calling the results "quite strong" and raising the price target, while another analyst had a sell rating and a lower price target. Intel's second-quarter revenue beat expectations, but was down compared to the previous year. The company issued strong guidance for the third quarter. Intel's stock rallied after the earnings beat, but some investors are cautious about whether it's a good buy.

NEWS SUMMARY for ('VZ', 17), which changed on 0.15% last trading day:
Verizon's focus on high-value customers has allowed them to have high profit margins compared to other US telecom companies. Despite difficulty in adding new subscribers, existing customers are staying with the company. Verizon's stock offers a significant dividend and has been rated positively by analysts, with an average price target of $43. Verizon's earnings report showed that dividend investors can expect a hefty payout. However, the wireless provider is struggling to retain subscribers.

NEWS SUMMARY for ('SPY', 9), which changed on 0.19% last trading day:
Here are the top market, crypto, tech, and politics headlines:
- Fear & Greed Index remains in the "Extreme Greed" zone after the Dow records third week of gains.
- The SEC reportedly wanted Coinbase to delist everything except Bitcoin.
- Elon Musk hints at "something special" coming soon on X, triggering hopes for Dogecoin payments on the platform.
- The Fed's favored inflation gauge cools to 2-year lows, reinforcing investor optimism that elevated price pressures have passed.
- The Federal Reserve raises the federal funds rate by 25 basis points, marking the highest borrowing cost level since February 2001.

NEWS SUMMARY for ('DJIA', 13), which changed on -0.04% last trading day:
Recent economic news indicates a mixed outlook for the US economy. While consumer sentiment hit a 22-month high due to easing inflation and strong employment gains, banks are tightening lending standards for borrowers, and U.S. bank lending has declined for the second consecutive week. Inflation has eased, with prices rising at the slowest pace in almost two years, but wages and salary gains have also moderated. Consumer spending has shown confidence in the economy, rising by 0.5% in June. The US trade deficit in goods narrowed slightly in June, and jobless claims dropped to the lowest level since February. The US economy grew at a 2.4% annual pace in the second quarter.

NEWS SUMMARY for ('T', 13), which changed on 0.48% last trading day:
AT&T stock is showing signs of improvement, with impressive subscriber growth and solid Q2 results that pleased shareholders. Analysts believe that AT&T is undervalued and see it as a potential buy, with wireless growth and strong cash flow leading investors back to the stock. However, there are concerns about a looming liability and its potential impact on the company's dividend. Despite this, the stock is rated as a buy and could be a good dividend option if financials remain stable. AT&T recently conducted tests on lead-clad cables and found no health risks associated with them.

NEWS SUMMARY for ('ROKU', 12), which changed on 7.43% last trading day:
Roku stock has been performing well, with its latest quarterly results exceeding estimates and driving the stock price higher. Analysts have raised their price targets and maintain a positive outlook on the company. Roku is confident in its ability to be EBITDA positive by 2024. However, there are concerns about the ongoing Hollywood strikes, as Roku makes money from media companies. Overall, Roku's strong performance and growth potential make it an attractive stock to watch and consider buying.

MARKET NEWS SUMMARY ('multiple_tickers', 289) -- i.e. 289 news summary
for the last 24 hours from 31/07/2023 21:55 UTC time: ***************************************************************
  • Associated Banc-Corp's (ASB) profits are expected to be impacted by rising expenses.
  • AB InBev's (BUD) Q2 earnings are expected to benefit from its commercial strategy and strong brand portfolio.
  • Unity Software's (U) Q2 performance is expected to be boosted by steady demand for its software solutions.
  • Clorox's (CLX) Q4 results are expected to reflect gains from solid demand trends, pricing actions, and cost-saving efforts.
  • Sunoco's (SUN) Q2 performance may be affected by lower motor fuel sales.
  • EOG Resources' (EOG) Q2 earnings are likely to be impacted by declining commodity prices and higher costs.
  • Sinclair, Inc.'s (SBGI) Q2 results are expected to reflect a decline in political ad spending and distributor renewals.
  • Ball Corp's (BALL) Q2 results are likely to reflect the recent decline in customer demand and elevated costs.
  • Invesco Mortgage's (IVR) Q2 earnings may decline due to spread widening, but slower prepayment speed could be positive.
  • Aptiv's (APTV) Q2 earnings and revenues are expected to increase year over year.
  • Kraft Heinz's (KHC) Q2 earnings are likely to reflect gains from pricing actions and the operating model.
  • Manitowoc's (MTW) Q2 results are likely to reflect solid demand offset by supply chain constraints and cost headwinds.
  • Corteva's (CTVA) Q2 performance may be aided by a favorable product mix and pricing gains.
  • Charles River's (CRL) Q2 results are likely to be driven by strong demand for research models and services.
  • Carter's (CRI) Q2 results are expected to reflect the impact of inflation, product offerings, and lower inventory.
  • The "Magnificent 7" stocks, including Tesla (TSLA), Nvidia (NVDA), and Amazon (AMZN), are expected to lead the market.
  • Industrial ETFs are worth considering post-Q2 earnings as stock market breadth improves.
  • Globus Medical (GMED) is expected to benefit from its enabling technology sales.
  • First Trust SkyBridge Crypto Industry & Digital Economy ETF (CRPT) is one of the top-performing ETFs in July.
  • Amgen's (AMGN) volume growth and favorable product mix may drive Q2 sales.
  • ANI Pharmaceuticals (ANIP) Q2 results are expected to reflect rising generic and rare disease product revenues.
  • US stocks ended slightly higher, with the Dow Jones up 0.06%, Nasdaq up 0.10%, and S&P 500 up 0.07%.
  • Morgan Stanley upgraded Adobe Inc (ADBE) and raised its price target, citing confidence in the company's growth potential and advancements in technology.
  • Yellow Corporation's shares surged after reports of the company terminating operations.
  • FOXO Technologies' shares gained on no significant news or catalysts.
  • Fifth Wall Acquisition Corp. III's shares surged without any major news or catalysts.
  • ON Semiconductor reported upbeat Q2 earnings, beating market expectations.
  • Oceaneering reported lower revenues year over year in Q2 due to declining demand trends and inventory adjustments.
  • Fortinet's Q2 earnings are expected to have been aided by solid demand for security solutions and its recurring subscription-based business model.
  • McKesson's Q1 results are expected to reflect the solid performance of its U.S. Pharmaceutical and Specialty Solutions segment.
  • The Italian Competition Authority closed its investigation into Google's alleged abuse of dominance and committed to enhancing data portability.
  • Toyota announced plans to strengthen its local development of intelligence and electrification technology in China.
  • J.B. Hunt plans to buy 13 zero-emission Class 8 trucks from Nikola.
  • BT Group appointed Allison Kirkby as CEO.
  • Sempra's Q2 results are likely to reflect the benefits of growing transmission interconnection requests and favorable weather patterns.
  • New Relic delivered earnings and revenue surprises for Q1.
  • Heartland Express' Q2 earnings and revenues lagged estimates.
  • Ford's stock was downgraded from Buy to Hold by a Jefferies analyst.
  • Flutter's shares fell after Hargreaves Lansdown downgraded its stock from Buy to Hold.
MARKET NEWS SUMMARY ('multiple_tickers', 2231) -- i.e. 2231 news summarised
for the period 2023-07-25 to 2023-07-31
  • US stocks are climbing as investors await earnings reports from big-tech companies such as Microsoft and Alphabet.
  • The Dow Jones is on track to end its twelfth consecutive day of advances, a stretch not seen since 1987.
  • Chinese authorities held a Politburo meeting promising to support and promote the country's economic recovery.
  • Investors are eagerly awaiting the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting on Wednesday, where the Federal Reserve is expected to hike rates.
  • The S&P 500 Index is on track to retest its 2023 highs at 4,579 levels.
  • The Nasdaq 100 is up 0.9% and small caps in the Russell 2000 index rose 0.3%.
  • General Electric (GE) reported better-than-expected results for its second quarter and raised its 2023 guidance.
  • Cathie Wood's Ark Investment Management continued to increase its stake in COVID-19 vaccine maker Moderna.
  • Hilton Worldwide Holdings surpassed earnings and revenue estimates.
  • Chevron announced plans to enter lithium production for electric vehicle batteries.
  • Various companies, including First National Corp., Alkermes, and Stepan Co., either exceeded or fell short of earnings and revenue estimates.
  • Visa reported Q3 earnings and revenues that surpassed estimates.
  • Microsoft reported Q4 earnings and revenues that beat estimates.
  • Alphabet reported Q2 earnings and revenues that exceeded expectations.
  • PacWest Bancorp shares surged after announcing a merger with Banc of California and reporting upbeat quarterly earnings.
  • DoorDash stock rose as investors expect positive earnings.
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific lagged earnings and revenue estimates.
  • Navient missed earnings and revenue estimates.
  • Google's parent company Alphabet beat earnings and revenue estimates thanks to strong performance in its cloud business.